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If You Feel Sexy,
You Will Be Sexy

A spa for the mind, body, and spirit.

No Goal Too Small.
So Let's Dream Big!

This is an intimate, comfortable environment where I cater to each of your individual journeys of self-discovery. I work with you at your pace and level to help you achieve both your pole, dance, and personal goals. Our sisterhood tribe is something incredibly special and non-judgmental which creates an environment that is safe, a lot of fun and confidence building.


Goddess Empowered Image Gallery

Connect with your
inner goddess warrior

I am here to help you connect with your inner goddess warrior (she lives in all of us) and help you feel comfortable enough to let her be free to express herself. These classes are unique in that you don’t just come in to learn pole tricks…you uncover a very different side of yourself that is strong and invincible.

There are no mirrors in the studio as I feel it is important for each student to focus within and not be distracted. If you FEEL sexy. You ARE sexy. No mirror gets to dictate how you feel about yourself Flying Curves also has a personal development division, MoveHers and ShakeHers as well as a performance training program/team, Goddesses Empowered.