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There is nothing more powerful, than a woman determined to rise

Within EVERY WOMAN lives a vibrant, confident and all powerful Goddess waiting to be unleashed. It’s YOUR time to RISE!


Elevate yourself!

Christina’s purpose in creating Flying Curves programs is with the sole intention of elevating women’s lives through Pole Dancing Classes that literally elevate you off the ground and onto the pole. Classes that are mood and self-esteem booster. A Performance Program where every day women are transformed to sultry, fearless starlets who take the stage to perform in exciting pole and burlesque dance shows. A Personal Development program where we work on achieving the high vibe lifestyle and achieving goals and dreams with a community of woman who are passionate about living the good life.

Good times to be had with the liveliest, kindest women in our community! When you take classes here you become a part of an incredibly special family.

Feedback: Christina provides helpful and encouraging feedback to each student at the end of every class which is part of the growth process into goddess hood


Pole Dance Movement Classes

Our classes are packed full of fun. They are multi-leveled, and Christina will work at your individual level so that you move at a comfortable yet challenging pace. Her belief in you is contagious and will have you doing things that you never thought was possible.
We have weekly dress up themes! Musicals, Prom, 80’s, Femme Fatale, and more!
The purpose of these themes are to further explore our Goddess. What she connects to, how she likes to dress, how she wants to move. This is where you start to find your individuality. It’s so cool to see what everybody comes up with and how they translate the theme. It is like a show at the end of every class. Don’t worry, newbies. You get to do this at our pace and when you are ready.


Goddesses Empowered:
``The Show`` Training Program

Produced by Flying Curves Dance Studio, and sister video production company MercVille Productions is a unique experience that blends video storytelling and live dance performances while sharing the message that within EVERY WOMAN lives a vibrant and confident dancer, performer and goddess that comes in all ages, shapes, and sizes. This is not a student recital, but an incredible theatrical experience for both audience and dancers to experience and enjoy.