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Take a journey
of self discovery that leads your most powerful self.

Flying Curves’ classes and programs are designed for one purpose. To remind you of how beautiful, unique, and powerful you are. This is an experience for women of all ages, shapes, and physicality who are ready to explore their feminine self that is confident, sexy, and fierce.

Choose the right class for
you and change your life

Hello! Christina here.
Owner, teacher, performer, and women’s empowerment coach who is committed to helping you connect with your inner confident, sexy, and beautifully unique selves. I grew up in a very conservative Filipino /Catholic family where any talk revolving around sexuality and sensuality was forbidden. As a result, I was a woman who was disconnected to my sensual and sexual self.
So how did I end up teaching and performing pole and burlesque?
It all started after taking my then boyfriend and his friends to a strip club. It was my first time going and I was instantly intrigued with the dancers. The way they moved with such confidence, playfulness, and sensuality. I wanted to be like them! And then they got up on the pole and did amazing tricks? That was it. I needed to find a pole class asap.
It was in pole class I found my true feminine and confident self. In pole class is where a sensual and sexy woman was born. Pole dancing has changed my life in so many ways. I have grown so much from all that I have learned about myself. A gift I wanted to pay forward so that you too can change yours.

“A goddess is like a fingerprint, no two are the same.

– Christina
Our classes are not just about learning pole tricks and teaching you how to be sexy. Instead, we take you down a path of self-discovery filled with revelations that will surprise and thrill you.
So, are you ready to meet the 2.0 version of you?

A dance spa
for the mind, body, and spirit.

We cater to the whole woman. You will get physically
stronger, release tension and stress, make new friends, while you metamorphose
into the phenomenal woman you are meant to be.

We always have something planned. Check out our latest events.

Learn how to pole dance in a fun, supportive and non-intimidating environment. Flying Curves, offers classes for all ages, shapes, and fitness levels. Here at Flying Curves, you can move at a pace comfortable to you. Let us have fun building your confidence and your strength, while uncovering your authentic and unique alter ego – Your true Goddess!

Sweat Sexy Burlesque with Veruca Sweet was created with the everyday woman in mind. With easy-to-follow burlesque choreography, Veruca coaches you in bringing your inner burlesque dancer out so that you, can connect with your sexy side, feel confident in your skin, and dance like the sassy, seductive goddess you were born to be. Get in touch with your sexy, naughty self!

The Goddesses Empowered training program caters to all levels and transforms the everyday woman into a performer, dancer, and goddess.  No dance or performance experience necessary. Your coach, Christina aka Veruca will prepare you for performances in the show, while boosting your self-confidence, creativity, and dance skills. It is an experience you will cherish.