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Be Extraordinary.
Be Unique. Be You!

Our mission at Flying Curves Dance Studio is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your feminine power through pole and burlesque dance movement. Whether you are looking to shape up, try a new workout and/or meet new friends, you have definitely found a place to dance that is fun, nurturing, and supportive. Our classes offer a great fitness and strength building alternative to traditional workouts. The community of women that come to our studio are so wonderful and the tribe we have created here is awesome and unique. We look forward to having you Fly with us!

Sexy is not
a shape, it is an attitude

No mirror gets to dictate how you feel about yourself

Do something today,
your future self will thank you for.

Who is your future self? Does she walk into a room where everyone turns to look at her because they can’t help it. There is something intriguing about her. Is she somebody who crushes it at her job and rises up the ladder because she is self-assured? Is she somebody who is sensual, seductive, sexy, and not afraid to show it? Does she have confidence in her strength, in the way she moves, and the way she expresses herself. Is she performing in a live pole and burlesque show because she has always dreamed of it (even though she has never done so before)? Any of the above and more can be your future self but you must take the first step in doing that one thing that will take you there. Our classes are part Pole (or Burlesque) and Part Personal Development so not only will you learn awesome pole tricks, how to dance sexy, how to move sensually you will also learn about how to feel more confident and courageous so that you live your best life as your best self.

A dance spa for
the mind, body, and spirit.

This is an intimate, comfortable environment where I cater to each of your individual journeys of self-discovery. I work with you at your pace and level to help you achieve both your pole, dance, and personal goals. Our sisterhood tribe is something incredibly special and non-judgmental which creates an environment that is safe, a lot of fun and confidence building.

Christina Villegas

If you are looking for a new workout, a tribe of like minded women, and uncovering your true and best self, you have found the right place.

An inspiring space that is fun, safe and magical!

Located in Northridge, CA in the San Fernando
Valley, Flying Curves Dance Studio provides a wonderful
space for women to be themselves. We are an amazing community of all types of women that are supportive, encouraging, and kind. It can be very vulnerable learning something new and Christina helps women feel comfortable and at ease right away. You will be inspired by what you are able to accomplish, you will cheer for your fellow classmates on their progress and connect with like-minded women in a non-competitive and mood-boosting setting.

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